PT. Besari Wahana Raya is a contractor company whose is in construction area and was established in 1999. PT. Besari Wahana Raya specialies itself as a contractor for the military, located in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

PT. Besari Wahana Raya offers a service or planner, in which then translated into visual image, global, and detail, and may also comes with budget estimation. PT. Besari Wahana Raya consist of team and staff whom are experts in their field, to consummate customer's idea. With Great morale and strong commitment to give the best for nation, others, and clients / customers. PT. Besari Wahana Raya has been established by people who put qualify as their main priority.

PT. Besari Wahana Raya is a part of trading company who specializes itself as general contractor that uses to give the best for our clients as it's motto.

Scope of Works :

A. Constuction Service

B. Planning Exterior - Interior

C. Mechanical Electrical Work